A few weeks ago I posted letters from the children from the Village of Hope. People wrote back and I read those notes to the children. They absolutely loved them and wanted to write more. Here they are:

Dear friend,
I love you so much. My name is Moses. I am ten years old. I love school. My teacher
s name is teacher Bosman. I love Jesus. Do you love Jesus. I speak two languages. My languages are Nyanja and English. God just send his Son to come and die on the cross but he rose from the dead. God bless you so much.
The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. He leads me besides quick water. Jesus conquered Satan. Jesus is my savior. Jesus it the beginning and end.

Dear Shaibu,
I love you so much. God is so happy that you are here. Jesus came to die on the cross for you and me. You love the cross. Me too. My sister is Ethel and Idah. I all love you so much.
love, Isaac

Dear friend,
I love you so much. Do you love God? God is big. What is your favorite thing that you like so much? God bless you Justice. Jesus came to die on the cross for you and me. I am ten years old.

Dear friend,
I love you so much. I like animals. My favorites are tigers and lions. My favorites rice and chicken. My mother is Mommy Rose. My favorite auntie is auntie Sarah, Iryna, and auntie June. I am ten years old. How old are you. I am in grade three. What grade are you? My teacher is teacher Carol and Precious and teacher Bosman.
Mary Situmbeko

Dear Joe,
I love you. You are my best friend and a good boy. I love chickens. My favorite food is sausage. We love your family. I am nine years old. We love your house. It is good. I like rain. I am grade two. What grade are you? my teacher is teacher Carol and teacher Precious. We love him so much. My mother is MOmmy Rose. My best auntie is auntie Kathleen. We read the book to the school and we do minus and plus and we write tests. When we finish to we play. We do the Christmas tree.
love, Terrence

Dear friend,
I love you. God bless you so much. Jesus died on the cross for your sin. I'm nine years old.

If you are interested in writing these children please post it as a comment on the blog. Thank you!


This is what it's all about...

Imagine living in a dirt village with no mother or father. Perhaps an elderly grandmother is caring for you along with numbers of other children. Picture in your mind a constant gnawing hunger pain. You don't know day to day when you will be able to eat. Because of your youth you have to work extremely hard. There is also abuse and neglect, and a sense of hopelessness. You are merely existing - struggling to survive. The children at the Village of Hope along with children from other villages come from this environment. Praise God that He is providing a safer haven for the children in these villages.

Last week we had an exciting arrival of nine new children. They are doing well and are adjusting rapidly. Even though most of them do not speak English well, they have been able to connect with the non-African-dialect-speaking Americans as well as the Village of Hope children. None of them have ever attended school except for Kahilu who is five. Now thy are all doing some sort of school. Four of the older ones are attending the Hope School, and there is going to be a new pre-school for the five younger ones.

I recently asked a few of the children what they thought of the new ones. Mary loves the new children. She says her new sister and favorite friend is Mary. They have a lot of fun together, and Mary has told the new Mary all about Jesus. John's favorite friend is Joshua who lives in Mommy Nora's house. John's "best thing to do with him" is to play ball. Exildah loves Mary, the new girl, who lives in her house. Even though they speak different dialects, Exildah says they can understand each other. When I asked Sharon Jaula who her favorite friend was, she replied, "All of them!" She likes to help them all learn English, and can speak all of their dialects - Nyanja, Bemba, and Lenjae.

So, you can pray for:
Joshua Chanda (4)

Maselino Chanda (6)

Tereshina Chanda (8)

Shaibu Chanda (10)

Idah (5)

Ethel (5)

Kahilu (5)

Agnes (8)

Mary (8)

Even as we are excited tohave these nine new children we are happily anticipating eight more new children in two weeks and sixteen more as soon as the houses are ready. Our prayer is that the Lord wil lead these children to HImself. We are co-labourers with Him in this endeavor. As it says in Psalm 145:4 "One generation shall thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts."


An update on our housing

We thought we were going to be able to move into Pastor Lusumpa's house at the Village of Hope. There has been a sudden turn of events. The house is now needed for orphans because there is a waiting list of 24 children. We have been given permission to stay in our current house until the end of November. Please pray that God would open the door and provide another house.