Update on the Children's village

Presently there are still three housemothers. They are Rose M., Rose C., and Anne. Anne replace Sylvia who was better qualified to work at the take away restaurant when it opens. There are 24 children at the village. The most recent arrival (last month or so) are Prudence, Precious, Paul, and Matilda.




Matilda's mother is still living but Matilda has many needs that her mother could not fulfill. She was born with Spinal Tuberculosis and cannot walk. The Schwartzes have been able to help by getting a wheel chair and physical therapy treatment. Then Matilda's leg was badly burned. This was overwhelming to her mother who has two other children and a husband in prison. Matilda is now living at the village of Hope and is going to school there. This has worked out well for everyone involved.


There will be an additional number of children coming from an orphanage that is shutting down. Cottages are being built and housemothers will need to be found with the Lord's help. Please pray that the Lord will guide each detail. As Jesus says in Matthew 19:14, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them, for of such is the kingdom of heaven."


Chimwemwe (Happiness) Ladies

Chimwemwe (happiness) is very evident when the ladies are singing. When we came for the first time last May 2008 there were about 30 women. Now there are about 60 women that meet once a week for Bible study and singing. They also work on purses made from plastic garbage bags, jewelry made from magazines, or old calendars and knitting baby clothes. The crafts they learn to make hep them earn money for their family.

When I attended the first meeting after we arrived I was struck by the joy of the Lord heard and seen through the ladies singing and dancing. It reminds me of Psalm 100:1 "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands." These ladies make a joyful noise. They "shout joyfully to the Lord of thier salvation" as Psalm 95:2 says. I thought about the ladies bible studies in the U.S. They are encouraging and edifying but so "reserved and quiet!" When I left the meeting I was overflowing with joy myself!

return to Zambia

The flight to Zambia was familiar along with the airport. The sights and sounds brought back memories of 2 previous trips. When we arrived it was wonderful seeing familiar faces and renewing friendships. However there was one main difference about this journey. We were not coming for a short visit. We were coming to live in Zambia for at least a year!

Psalm 92:4 says, "For You, Lord, have made me glad through Your work; I will triumph in the works of Your hands." This is how we will persevere and receive the joy of the Lord - through HIS WORK and not ours.

We are settling into our new home which we are renting on a farm called Arulussa. The area is very green and peaceful and is close to the Village of Hope. There is a mud hut village down the road from us called Glenn Farm which I will write more about later. Some of the men that work in the farm live in this village.

We help out in many ways at the school and play with the children as often as possible. Daddy has many jobs but one of his big tasks will be purchasing supplies. There are many projects being developed and built including a chicken house, tilapia pond and take away restaurant. The Lord is working in miraculous ways here.

We look forward to seeing the Sweet family along with Johanna and Justin Voeller who are coming together around July 15th (approx. a week!!!) for 5 weeks. There will be other families and teams we will meet as well.

Over the coming months I look forward to taking photographs of the many faces of Africa and writing about the word the Lord is doing here. To God Be The Glory - great things He has done and will do!