Picture memories

some beautiful zebras

some of our friends making their dinner

selling tomatoes

first bath

soccer team

road to Green Farm

the Patty team

they make the machinery look better

I call this my Angel Picture. Mom looks just like an angel here

reading time at Green Farm

Bible study

my babies

the two Memories and a friend

My friend Memory and her brothers

Our good friend Kate, her husband, and her baby

Daddy and Maselino

Joe's little brother

Joe, Harrison, Kenny, and Isaac

fun friends

Joe, Rose, and Iryna

Teacher Caroline

Teacher Zandele

sweet ladies

the best two ladies in Zambia


Teacher Precious

all the teachers

the children's skit

fun times!

they own the world... or so they think

me and my baby

Teacher Precious in her holiday attire

my little sister, Joyce

Kate and her baby

some lovely chimwemwe ladies


I can say by experience, these things are pretty bad. I prefer freshly sautéed termites, personally.

Little Suzie

so cute!

she likes her food...

...oh yes!

the way everyone carries their babies

such an example!

my friend Memory and her baby, Sela

Edward and Peter

Bliss and his big brother

my pretty friend


Evon and her children

Evon's house before it was rebuilt

Our first Hope Club - sitting on the ground


they are "fit as soldiers."

Fred, his wife, and friends

cute elephants - notice the baby

my baby!

Some nice masks