A snapshot of Zambia

Just to give you a tiny taste of our trip to Zambia, I am going to post pictures that may or may not have anything to do with my previous posts.

Can't you just see all the sorrow in their eyes?

These children need Jesus. You can help.

Isaac holding up the magazine article that introduced us to the Schwartz's ministry, Village of Hope.

The children running out of the village after spotting me with my camera. It was so fun to watch all the joy on their faces as they surrounded me and yelled "photo, photo!!"

They will do anything for attention...

...including lifting the little children high over their heads, and doing karate poses.

These village children are so poor, they collect old garbage bags and wad them into a tight ball, and bind them with twine. That is their version of our soccer ball, better known to them as a "foot-ball."

The younger children, not being able to play with the ball which is reserved for the older children, prefer making dirt castles.

These people worship the same God as we do.

Do you ever pray for children in need?

The girls in the village learn how to care for a family early in their lives. This girl is practicing balancing the basket on her head.

Here is Docklin proudly showing me her shells. These shells are part of their school. They learn to sort the big ones from the little ones, the dark from the light, etc.

For many children, the only toys are old tires, mud dolls, and bound up rags that serve as a soccer ball. It is amazing how happy they are and how big their smiles are.

The kids in the school for Village of Hope are getting a real-life learning experience. This day, we brought them all out to the front yard to play in the "sand". We passed out funnels and empty water bottles, and let them explore with them.

Of course, being in Africa, you must go on a safari. One Saturday we went with the team from Wisconsin to a game preserve. This lion is really behind a fence that blocks the pride from being able to prey on the other animals.

This Farm Market is part of the Village of Hope. It is one of the ways Mr. Schwartz is showing the people how to be self-sufficient. They sell fruits, vegetables, and eggs.

Although the Schwartzs own a car, we had fun walking many places. Most people in the surrounding areas do not own a car and must walk everywhere.

This is Auntie Harriet who sold the land to the ministry Village of Hope. Her grandfather was saved by David Livingstone's father-in-law, Moffett.

There are many different ways to minister to the Zambian people. This man came all the way from Wisconsin with the other team to share the gospel with his music. He is a professional trumpet player but gave up his career in music to the Lord. His most popular song was "O Happy Day!". When we walked into the villages we were met with childrens voices singing, O happy day!

In addition to running the orphanage, Mrs. Schwartz has many little ministries (like the Chimwimwe ladies). Here she is leading the children from the Okada school in a song. She went and taught the kids songs and hand motions to the songs.